Heather "Hea" Dawn (Cundiff) Meyer

Heather "Hea" Dawn (Cundiff) Meyer


Far cousin - I am sorrow for this. But life just moves on. Take care.

Garry Meyer , Salt lake City, UT, US Nov 28, 2019

Oh Hea.. where do I even start?! So many memories, yet I focus on the later years. I often found myself thinking about you. But failed to let you know. Our physical distance was only miles, but the friendship we once shared had all but gone. It never meant you weren't loved, and I find myself regretting not reaching out. I'm sorry I couldn't be a better friend to you. I understand the anger you held for me. Some day, I hope you understand why I made the choices I made. It was not about hurting you. I would never hurt you. My best friend. I love you. But I know it broke both of us. Feels like I already have lost you once. This is much more permanent and quite frankly, shattering to my soul.

You are loved.

All the laughs, the tears, the Cabriolet rides, the late nights of writing and talking, the music, the camping trips, the smiles, the fights, Losee Jewelers, the highs, the lows, the graduations, the ball games, the surgeries, the deaths of friends, the drinks, the HUGS, the butterflies, the dragonflies, the dolphins, the turtles... Hea, everything. Thank you for being such a big part of my life. Even in the distance, you are on my mind. Ironically, this year would be the big 23 for us. I know you are there. Working on the next 23. Love you always, to the most beautiful beaches and back. Forever my best friend, Hea.

Swim with the dolphins. Fly with the angels.

You are missed and loved by so many.


Kristeena Petersen , Millcreek , UT, US Aug 11, 2019

My world will never be the same,

there is no words to describe the loss of my sister, the only thing I want right now is one of those amazing Heather hugs....for all that knew her.... really knew her she was a beautiful, amazing person with a smile that could literally light up a room...I am so very proud to call her my little sister, and she is still around I feel her now even more today, she is schooling me and teaching still life's lessons, but this one's way hard still.... dont let anything go unsaid even a moment is too long, time is too precious use it wisely, tell all close to your heart u love them and never take for granted your siblings or your family... I did and cant go back. And one more that I will always reflect: the one who smiles and seems happiest, hides the most pain inside...I'm sorry I couldn't take all the hurt away...I LOVE YOU HEATHER ALWAYS & FOREVER



Steve Cundiff , Lost, UT, US Aug 11, 2019

Truly beautiful girl

Scott conklin , Port Charlotte , FL, US Aug 10, 2019

Yes she was. Thanks Scott. Love you and miss you.

Crystal Cundiff , Springville, UT, US Aug 14, 2019

I’m so sorry for your loss and heather I’m sad I’m never going speak to you again I miss you so much but I am glad you are at peace.

Chris Jackson , Spanish Fork , UT, US Aug 07, 2019

Dear Pam and family, My heart is breaking for you. I am so sorry for your loss. Please feel free to call me if there is anything I can do. Heather has always been so full of energy and love. We will miss her.

Much love and prayers to you and your family, Bonnie Dansie

Bonnie Dansie , Spanish Fork, UT, US Aug 07, 2019

Her energy was refreshing I thrived when I was around her. She is missed and will continue to be missed every day. Thanks Bonnie

Crystal Cundiff , Springville, UT, US Aug 09, 2019

My sweet niece Heather. I always remember you growing up wanting to be a pediatrician. You we very sure of it even as a little girl. When you were about 11 or 12 years old your parents actually let you fly to California to help me at my pet shop. We were having a beanie baby ijauction to raise money for babies with aids foundation. It just fit for you wanting to help babies. The same day you were giddy with excitement when you met the youngest boy Mark from the home improvement tv show. You even got his autograph. It was so much fun. Such a joy to have you there. I will always remember your kindness. Love of family and your beautiful smile. Heather ride one of those beautiful dolphins for me and I will be there racing you one day. Love you always. Your aunt cheryl

Cheryl Martin camscreative , El Segundo, CA, US Aug 06, 2019

Sweet aunt Cheryl, I have pictures when she came to California to help with the beanie baby auction and I also have the picture of her with "Mark " from Home Improvement. She has the biggest smile on her face. She will be waiting to race you with her dolphin friends when you see her again. I will post when I get to that point in the time line. I love you so much and we will all miss her big smile for the rest of our lives. Thank you for sharing your story and if you have any more please share for all of us to remember.

Crystal Cundiff , Springville, UT, US Aug 07, 2019

My dear granddaughter Heather. The dolphins are calling you so go and have so much fun with them and we will come play with you. Love you so much. Grandma Martin.

Grandma Martin , El Segundo, CA, US Aug 06, 2019

My lovely Grandma, She is playing with the dolphins and loving every moment I am sure. She will be waiting for all of us when we are ready to see her again. And will get to play too. I love you so much I am glad you got a chance to write something here and thank you for sharing.

Crystal Cundiff , Springville, UT, US Aug 07, 2019

Heather, Thank you for being a true and honest friend. You never pulled your punches, and your honesty sometimes got you in trouble. This was one thing I loved about you! Your sense of adventure, ability to keep up with "the boys' and go get 'em spirit was a delight to be around. I will always think of you when I see pink Camo, a fishing rod, a perfectly put together ledger and butterfly clips. Until we meet again my friend, rest easy.

Jessica Judd , Eagle Mountain, UT, US Aug 06, 2019

Many many hugs to this family! The pain and loss must be completely unbearable. I choose to always remember Heather as the little girl whose little legs had rolls on her rolls and those especially bright happy eyes! My very sincerest heartfelt sympathy to you all.

Debbie Walton , Elsinore, UT, US Aug 06, 2019

Good memories. Thank you for sharing. I will post some of the cuteness of the rolls on rolls and bright eyes for you and everyone else to enjoy forever. We love you!

Crystal Cundiff , Springville, UT, US Aug 06, 2019

Going to miss hearing you fishing stories. May you be at peace and remember you were greatly loved by many.

Rachel Kaser-Gaskill , Mt. Pleasant, UT, US Aug 05, 2019

Yes she was very loved. Her fishing stories and pictures were always nice.

Crystal Cundiff , Springville, UT, US Aug 09, 2019

It was fun and joyful watching you grow up. Your smile was contagious as well as your laughter. We missed you and yor your siblings when you went out into the world. We will see you again, and may the time pass quickly until that great day. May your rest be a peaceful one Heather, and know we will watch & care for your family here, until you are all reunited. Much love...

Sheila Cross , Spanish Fork , UT, US Aug 05, 2019

Super sweet Sheila, She did have a great smile and an awesome laugh. Thank you

Crystal Cundiff , Springville, UT, US Aug 05, 2019

Rest in paradise my friend. We'll miss you

Shawn Ainge , Springville, UT, US Aug 05, 2019

She will and is already so missed.

Crystal Cundiff , Springville, UT, US Aug 06, 2019

I'm at a loss for words...

Lisa Whipple , Denver , CO, US Aug 05, 2019

We all are. Your not alone there Lisa.

Crystal Cundiff , Springville, UT, US Aug 06, 2019

Heather was one of my most dearest cousins and friends. We grew up together and shared many happy memories, including several trips to Yuba Lake and other lakes where we went out on their family boat. I also have many fond memories at their house and in their camper, and at grandmas house. When we were together we would just laugh and laugh, she was such fun!! We both LOVED the color purple growing up and it was fun to share our favorite color. After we grew up we kept in contact via Facebook messenger, but then decided we wanted to be pen pals so we wrote each other letters in the mail. She was so sweet and even sent little gifts to my children 🥰. She always loved kids so much and wanted some of her own someday. She spoke to me often of her dream to become a doctor, probably because I married one and she was interested in the process. She loved learning, and was so smart and determined. I’m sure she would have been an amazing doctor. We were both so excited to spend more time with each other now that I had moved back to Utah. She had been planning a trip to Sand Hollow with Rusty in the coming weeks and had asked if they could come stay with us and visit, we were all so looking forward to it.

Heather, your beautiful smile and spirit will be missed so much, I cannot wait until we meet again 💜

Michelle Jensen , St George, UT, US Aug 05, 2019

Michelle, This is so sweet. Thank you for the pictures that you sent. I will be updating this soon with more pictures on her timeline and they will be included.

Crystal Cundiff , Springville, UT, US Aug 05, 2019

Heather was one of my daughters favorite friends she spent alot of time with us and they doubled to a prom I loved her she was so smart and at that time she was thinking of being a doctor we had very deep conversations she was so intelligent beyond her years it was a pleasure to have her around she always had a big smile and she was so respectful thank you heather for crossing my path, RIP. heaven must have needed a very special angel.

Teri Carter , Payson , UT, US Aug 03, 2019

Thank you for your kind words. She was so special to a lot of people. Heaven gained a very special angel indeed.

Crystal Cundiff , Springville, UT, US Aug 05, 2019

Hea! We didn’t see each other much after high school, although I have great memories of you. You are an amazing soul fly high, share your smile with everyone you’re with now. You will be missed.

Cole Steggell , Springville, UT, US Aug 03, 2019

She did have an amazing smile that will be missed by many.

Crystal Cundiff , Springville, UT, US Aug 05, 2019

We never know how much we were loved until we see how much we are missed. Heather, you are sorely missed and always will be! Love you still!

Patricia Nielson , Smithfield, UT, US Aug 02, 2019

I hope your swimming with the dolphins like you always wanted to my sweet sister. I love you so much.

Crystal Cundiff , Springville, UT, US Aug 02, 2019

I love you my sweet sweet angel siser. Shine on and Fly high. You will NEVER EVER be forgotten. Miss you so much already I can't even put it into words. I love you always and forever.

Crystal Cundiff , Springville, UT, US Aug 01, 2019

Dear heather! I’m so sorry for your struggle! I have faith that you’ve found peace. ❤️❤️❤️ Steve and crystal, pam and Dana ,Sending my thoughts and prayers your way. What a tremendous loss you’ve suffered. Heather has such an infectious smile. It will be missed by so many

Chalis , Orem, UT, US Aug 05, 2019