Dr. William D. Preston

Dr. William D. Preston


Hi Preston Family! I am just now reading that our Dr Preston has passed onto the other side. He became my doctor when I suddenly needed someone to take care of me during my third pregnancy. He delivered # 3 and 4 for us- both girls. It was his office that informed me of my postive pregnancy test 4 months after I gave birth to #4 (which turned out to be twins!). Lex and Emily became friends through my visits there. He was always a great listener and pretty darn positive. He'd ask after a while on some visits for my fibromyalgia, "Well, Leah, what do you want me to do?" He"d do any thing I asked him ('cause I'm a reasonable person:-)). I could always rely on him and I trusted him. His obituary was beautifully written and I'm happy to know things I didn't know before. I am so sorry for his family and all of us who have lost him at an early age- but I am thankful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ teaching us we will see him again. He is only temporarily out of sight! I have much gratitude for knowing him!

Leah GIBBONS , ST GEORGE, UT, US Aug 15, 2019

Bill introduced me to my wife, who worked for him as a Nurse Practitioner, 40 years ago. We named our only son after him. My wife preceded him in death a year ago. I am so sorry I didn't know of his passing. I would have been there.

Brett Cutler , Lehi, UT, US Jul 15, 2019

Bill Preston was our family physician for over 30 years. We have missed seeing him at the office, but had no idea he was so ill. Our hearts go out to the family. Our kids grew up with and went to school with the Preston kids and with those of John Allen. We are so saddened to have lost this wonderful man. Please accept our condolences. (I just saw this today, July 5th, or we would have attended his funeral.)

Kelli Allred , Midvale, UT, US Jul 05, 2019