Diana was born in Dallas Texas to June Beach and Leo Galarneau. She was the first of four children. She is survived by her son Dene who she lived with in Utah, her sister Gail & nephew Matthew (Utah), brothers Nathaniel (Kansas &Michael (Montana). She is also survived by daughter Diana Uchtdorf (Arizona) who selflessly cared for her in her last days.

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Diana and her family lived in many cities from coast to coast as they traveled the country so their father could build many of the power plants that provide power to our country to this day. The family settled in Utah in the mid 1950's.

Diana had a number of careers in her life. She worked as a waitress in many of the restaurants in downtown SLC throughout the 1970's & 1980's. In the late 1980's she began a career in customer service. She was a caretaker for her mother as well.

Diana was a hard worker & perfectionist in all she did. She was an amazing gardener & flower arranger & all types of creative endeavors.

Diana was a loyal & true friend & will be missed by them and her family..

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Jan 24, 2020

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