Aidan B Krachun

Aidan B Krachun


There is no death. The Individual Intelligence never dies. Dissolution simply changes the plane of action. Aidan is certainly enjoying his next plane of action, in the great Summerland.

Carlos , Orem, UT, US Aug 07, 2019

2 years later of Aidan birth , my son die, he was 19 yo.. It is kind of crazy how life is, I just saw Aidan pics and I checked the date he born, one life start and the other one is gone. Well I do believed they are in a very good place now. I am sure your son, as my too, are waiting for us. God bless you and your family, I know hard times will come but never and ever thinking that he is alone, even you. My family and I wish peace, love and energy for all of you.

AL PASIN , South Salt Lake, UT, US Apr 07, 2019

although i wasnt that close with Aidan i did spend some time with him. ive been thinking about him a lot lately. i miss seeing him around and i miss the good vibes that he gave. he was such a sweet individual and i know that he is still here with us. our guardian angel. Miss you, Aidan. Fly high.

_ girl from science class

Aspen , saratoga springs, UT, US Feb 07, 2019

I know that you don't know me, but he seemed like a really great kid and i hope you know that you will see him again and that he is in a better place.

Jamie , syracuse, NY, US Jan 25, 2019

We will miss you and hope you are in a better place❤️ We will pray for you

Jerzey Barrow , Salt lake, UT, US Jan 14, 2019